Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation

We are passionate about Kentucky organizations serving to improve quality of life and opportunity among Kentuckians.


We are most concerned for:

  • Rural
  • Small towns
  • Those who are experiencing diminished economic opportunity


If you are a 501 (c)(3) who is enlarging and broadening your scope of operation and/or developing and implementing new projects to provide services currently lacking in your region, consider applying below.

What Does KSWF Look for in a Grantee?

The Prisoner’s Hope utilized their 2021 KSWF grant to help families and incarcerated persons navigate the reentry process.

With the funds received, they assisted nineteen mentees and families with rent and house furnishing needs, eight mentees with thirty-day bus passes and put a mentee on a Grey Hound bus so he could return home to his family.

Prisoner’s Hope added money to JPAY accounts so mentees could correspond with their families. Twenty new mentees and their families were guided through the reentry process rather than having to navigate it alone.

They trained twenty-five new volunteers to mentor the new mentees and provided counseling services to three families struggling with losing their loved ones to the system. They blessed one family, who had never been out of the state, with their dream vacation.