About Us

The Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation is an independent charitable foundation that provides grants to non-profit organizations serving Kentucky residents.

The Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation will not provide grants toward capital campaigns, periodic funds appeals or for ongoing operational expenses. Grant applications are considered for funding if the proposed project aligns with following Purpose statement:


“The purpose for which said Corporation is formed is to assist in improving standards of living and opportunity among the poor, sick, unfortunate and vocationally handicapped persons residing in the State of Kentucky, particularly in rural areas, small towns and areas of special need, by helping to provide for them and their dependents, well organized and administered welfare and health agencies and other facilities, including demonstrations of progressive and effective methods, for self-help and training.

“This is to be done through assisting organizations, already operating, to enlarge and broaden their scope of operation, and/or through assisting in the setting up of new projects to provide services which no agency, already in operation, is planned or equipped to extend.”