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Tammy Weidinger

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Family Center Donations Dock

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Tammy Weidinger






1. Describe the proposal in a detailed narrative of services and benefits it will provide in improving standards of living and opportunities, meeting social purposes or responding to needs.

Brighton Properties, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Brighton Center, Inc.) owns and maintains quality service delivery facilities that assist Brighton Center, Inc. in achieving its mission of creating opportunities for individuals and families to reach self-sufficiency through family support services, education, employment and leadership.

Brighton Properties Inc. is requesting funding and support to improve Brighton Center’s Family Center operations by enlarging designated space to receive and deliver donations to our customers. Our Family Center serves as a hub for residents to access critical services, promote a sense of community and engage volunteers, donors, and community partners in our work. The Family Center houses many programs and services which include:
• Commodities
• Food Pantry
• Clothing Closet
• Emergency Services
• Senior Services
• Financial Wellness
• Every Child Succeeds

Family Center Programs are critical in assisting with the overall growth of our customers. Individuals and families come to the Family Center for immediate assistance in the areas of food, clothing, housing, medicine, and case management to stabilize their situation. Once their need is met, Brighton Center partners with their customer to set long term goals, and remove barriers to self-sufficiency while connecting them to a wide array of comprehensive services.

In Fiscal Year 2019, Brighton Center successfully served 44,593 individuals through 41 distinct programs and services. Out of the 44,953, nearly half, or 20,941 customers received services through our Family Center programs. As an organization that prides itself on bundling their services, the Family Center is the heart of the organization, it is through this facility that we offer immediate support and stabilization to capture the need of the individual or family.

Upon receiving this grant we will develop an efficient location by adding a loading dock to the Family Center located at 799Ann St., Newport, KY which is on the corner of Ann and 8th Streets. We are fortunate to have the support of our community in many ways, one of which is the donation of time and talents. We regularly encourage and accept donations from families, individuals, and corporations. These donations vary in nature from food, clothing, and overall household goods to hygienic needs. The amount of donations has grown substantially over the years; last year alone we received 468,000 pounds of donated food for the food pantry. We pick up and deliver donations via Brighton Center’s owned box truck. Due to the size and limited space, we currently park our truck at Newport’s City Building-five blocks away from the Family Center. Upon deliveries of donations, it is typical that we use our main entrance – which serves as our customer entrance - to unload donations due to the current footprint of this facility. Both Ann St. and 8th St. are narrow one way streets, so congestion in the street and safety of the customers, volunteers, and staff has become an issue as their donations continue to grow. Brighton Properties owns the vacant lot adjacent to the Family Center on 8th St. This lot is ideal for constructing a more suitable and safe place for donation deliveries. Furthermore, this loading dock will serve as a permanent and secure parking spot for Brighton Center’s box truck, which will be more convenient for the many volunteers who assist with donation pick-ups and deliveries.

2. Attach your Project Budget.


3. Provide a narrative that clearly defines how Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation funds will be used and accounted for in relation to the Narrative above. Provide the start dates and timelines for tasks.

If Brighton Properties is chosen as a recipient of the Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation Grant, the funds will be used to prepare and construct a loading dock on the vacant 8th Street lot which is adjacent to the Family Center. This will include:
• Removing existing chain link fence
• Removing existing knee height concrete wall
• Excavating the entire 8th Street lot
• Removing of and disposing of excess soil
• Preparing area for 25’x50’x6” concrete slab
• Purchasing Tensar underlayment for ground stability
• Hauling in gravel
• Building form and pouring concrete
• Purchase a few landscaping shrubs (required by City of Newport)
• Installing 6’ fencing and gate
• Purchasing conveyor system and if possible an industrial size skid scale

Brighton Properties uses a check and balance system that ensures accountability for specific purchases. Requisition forms detailing itemized expenses or purchases as well as bids and invoices must be approved by the Director or Senior Leadership prior to delivering to our Finance Department. Once all documentation is obtained, bills are paid by the Finance Department, and attributed to the appropriate fund using fund accounting principles.
Construction will start upon securing funding for this project. Project completion date will be estimated by September 2020. We anticipate this is a maximum of a 3 month project.


4. Describe your agency’s service area with regard to population, cultural, racial and ethnic makeup.

Brighton Center serves eight Northern Kentucky counties with locations in Campbell, Kenton, Boone, Grant, and Carroll counties. Each Brighton Center program reaches out to serve many different populations-some defined by geographic location, specific ages, or specific needs. Universally however, Brighton Center reaches low-income hard working families struggling to make ends meet or seeking a better quality of life for them and their families. Their recent Community Assessment showed that close to 70% of those they serve are working. The other 30% include those on fixed incomes, such as the elderly on social security, or those receiving disability.

Their priority population is families under 200% of poverty. Many of the families served are single mothers with children, often with at least one child under the age of six. They are also seeing that many of the adults served are working, but not making a livable wage. Based off of what their customers have told them in their 2016 Community Assessment, that they want to make a livable wage with opportunity for advancement, and to have their children healthy, happy and successful (often specifically citing education and employment). Their array of services is designed based of their customer’s hopes and dreams.

The following are the percent of customers they serve by county in their 2018/19 fiscal year:
• Campbell 43% or 18,990 individuals
• Kenton 32% or 14,237 individuals
• Boone 14% or 6,394 individuals
• Grant 5% or 2,187 individuals
• Other 6% or 2,785 individuals

Their data shows that their average customers are:
• 36% children ages 0 to 17 years old
• 48% adults ages 18-55 years old
• 14% adults ages 56 years and older
• 59% are female and 41% are male
• 71% are White, 18% African American, 6% Multi-racial, and 5% Other
• 3.5% are Hispanic/Latino
• 92% are under the 200% of poverty

As stated earlier, Brighton Properties, Inc. provides the facilities for Brighton Center, Inc. services, therefore, we serve the same population.

5. Indicate total number of paid staff and total number of volunteers.

The following is a combined employee count for both Brighton Center Inc. and Brighton Properties Inc. employees:
• 132 Full time employees,
• 43 Part time employees, and
• 2,954 volunteers.

6. List the goals and objectives of your agency.

The following impact areas have been identified and specific objective have been developed to guide Brighton Properties, Inc. over the next four years.
• Develop high quality safe, decent, accessible, and affordable housing units for low to moderate income families and individuals.
• Ensure residential property assets are well managed and project revenue indicates financially viable, stable, and sustainable operations.
• Strengthen systems which ensure property management services are responsive to funders and residents and strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction.
• Proactively and efficiently address short and long term scheduled maintenance at all locations owned by Brighton Properties, and used for the benefit of Brighton Center.
• Create a development plan that allows for increased revenue and human capital for Brighton Properties to ensure sustainability.

In addition to Brighton Properties goals, Brighton Center has Strategic Plan goals for Fiscal Year 2018 to Fiscal Year 2021 which is based on Brighton Center’s 2016 Community Assessment.
• Ensure youth (school age to 24) have the support and services necessary to research their full potential and are positioned to achieve success in life,
• The education, employment, and financial education needs for our families are met resulting in a career that allows families to achieve their financial goals,
• Our response to the Heroin epidemic is clearly communicated and aligned with the community, and active steps are taken to ensure that the needs of our families are addressed,
• The organization fully integrates services internally and with the community.
Brighton Center’s vision statement is “to be an innovative leader that strengthens the vitality of the community and engages people as they work and live to achieve their hopes and dreams”.


7. Describe why this project is needed and how it implements the purpose of the Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation.

Brighton Center implements the overall purpose of what Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation stands for on a daily basis. They continually improve the standards of living for their customers. It is with your help that we can enlarge and broaden Brighton Center’s scope of operation.

This project is needed to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of donation delivery and distribution, and will benefit customers receiving services at the Family Center.
We expect this project to have the following benefits:
• Increase volunteer support
• Help with retention of volunteers
• Increase donations to distribute to our customers
• Allow for more direct service
• Increase safety of our volunteers and staff
• Allow for direct access to store donations

8. How did you identify the need that is addressed by the proposed project?

In the past 5 years Brighton Center impacted thousands of individuals, and nearly all of the impact below occurred at the Family Center:
• 56,331 individuals utilized the Clothing Closet
• 27,019 individuals (14,585 families) received help during a crisis, had a basic need met, and received connection to other services in the community
• 16,496 individuals were served through our Holiday Drive
• 10,056 volunteers and 695 volunteer groups gave 113,882 hours of service at a value of $2,567,591

The following are examples of monthly donations received and dispersed. All of these donations require the use of Brighton Center’s box truck, are processed by volunteers and staff, and unloaded in the congested/busy street. Brighton Center on the average receives:
• 20,000+ lbs. of donated food pick up from local grocery stores each month [pickups occur three times a week]
• 5,000+ lbs. of donated fresh produce delivered to the Family Center each month from the Freestore Foodbank [drop-off occurs once a week]
• 4,000+ lbs. of Senior CSFP Commodities food each month [pickups occur once a month]
• 5,000+ lbs. of Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) Commodities food each month [pickups occur once a month]
• 8,000+ lbs. of diapers a month to serve 300 babies across their programs through the Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank [pickups occur once a month]
• This is in additional to the quarterly pickups they receive through Freestore Foodbank that add another 5,000 – 8,000 lbs. of food to their pickup rotation [quarterly]

In Fiscal Year 2018 The Family Center programs served 19,497 individuals; nearly 40% of our customers received Emergency Assistance, Commodities, and Stabilization Services. In Fiscal Year 2019 we saw an increase of more than 7%, or a total of 20,941 of individuals served. Although we have great success in serving our customers, the limited space hinders future growth and organization of our growing programs. Creating an ideal work space will help with efficiency and processes. Furthermore, it will allow for less confusion to our customers and donors. Having the ability to park off the congested one way street, and utilizing the rear service door will create a safe space, and an obvious area for donors and volunteers to work, sort and store donations for our customers. It is unfortunate that due to the limited street parking many of our donors park up to a block away. This becomes problematic as it affects the convenience and time in receiving items needed by our community.

9. Does any other organization in your community serve this need?

There are churches who offer a food pantry for residents, but their hours are very limited, usually only open one day a week for a couple of hours. Brighton Center, Inc. is involved with the Northern Kentucky Safety Net Alliance that is composed of churches and small organizations who offer food assistance across Northern Kentucky. The group works to coordinate efforts to prevent duplication and strengthen referral. In addition, many churches nearby provide funds to Brighton Center to meet the needs of individuals seeking assistance at their church.

10. If so, what distinguishes your agency’s services from others?

Brighton Center’s services are comprehensive and family-centered. When families come to the Family Center they will receive an assessment of need for the entire family and either directly referred to one of Brighton Center’s 41 programs (job training, financial educations, child care, recovery services etc.) or referred to outside services they partner with to address the whole family. They are committed to engaging the family in services that will address the root cause of their current situation. They also work closely with other organizations that will only help with food to engage the families they serve in the additional services offered at Brighton Center. Brighton Center is also open Monday-Friday, and will accommodate the schedule of their customers to ensure they receive critical services.


11. Describe how you will measure outcomes of this proposal.

Success will be apparent by the project completion. The more important impact will be measured in several ways. A year end survey to staff, volunteers and customers, along with service records will demonstrate the following:
• Increase in donations over the prior fiscal year,
• Increase in volunteer hours contributed by community members,
• A reported increase in efficiency by staff,
• Reported increase in direct service hours to customers.

12. After the grant funds are expended, describe how you will assure continuation of grant-funded services or equipment maintenance.

Grant funds are requested for a one time purchase of equipment and renovation. Routine maintenance and upkeep will be included in the facilities operating budget.


13. Attach your AGENCY BUDGET showing all financial resources.


14. What fees or charges are made by the organization for its services?

The Brighton Properties budget is inclusive of several properties, some are offices and others are residential. Rents affordable to those are or below 50% of AMI (Area Median Income). Brighton Properties also accepts Section 8 our housing units. Furthermore, Brighton Properties Inc. offers affordable commercial rent for partner agencies that provide services to enhance the quality of lives for individuals and families within our community. If awarded, the funds would go into “Facilities Property Management”.

15. What percent of the organization’s budget is used for fund-raising?

Brighton Properties, Inc. is focused on owning and maintaining properties for service delivery through Brighton Center, Inc. as well as initiating development projects. Brighton Properties does not include any fundraising costs in its budget.

16. What percent of the organization’s budget is used for administrative costs?

Brighton Properties budgets include 22% administrative cost including:
• Executive Leadership
• Human Resources
• IT Support
• Account/Finance
• Telephone
• Office Supplies
• And additional miscellaneous line items

17. If applicant has received prior grants from the Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation, provide dates, amounts, purposes and outcomes.

Brighton Properties, Inc. has not received prior grants from the Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation.

18. Attach your IRS 501(c)(3) tax designation letter.


19. Attach your 990 or 990-PF federal tax return.


20. Attach any additional documents you wish to include with this application.
  • Family-Center-delivery-photo.pdf
  • Brighton-Propertes-Residential-1-PAGER.pdf

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Entry DateFebruary 28, 2020