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Amy Snow


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KRUSH statewide training and summer camp

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Amy Snow





1. Describe the proposal in a detailed narrative of services and benefits it will provide in improving standards of living and opportunities, meeting social purposes or responding to needs.

K.R.U.S.H. Kids Rising Up through Support and Healing is a K-12th grade social-emotional curriculum developed specifically for children of the incarcerated, by Jalina Wheeler and Kristie Whitaker of Russell Independent Schools. Three years since its inception, KRUSH LLC, officially partnered with the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation in January 2019. WJRF has paid for 39 educators in Frankfort Independent, Franklin, Owen, Henry, Madison, Bullitt counties to be trained in the KRUSH curriculum. Our goal is provide KRUSH training and curriculum to every school district seeking knowledge and skills to work with the more than 15% of Kentucky children who are impacted by incarceration. Educators are desperately seeking resources for this special population of students; however, many school districts do not have the additional funding to train staff and/or provide the necessary tools to provide this weekly support group for students.

In Frankfort/Franklin County, WJRF has assisted with the implementation of three pilot KRUSH groups at Collins Lane Elementary, Hearn Elementary, and Elkhorn Middle School. 51 students currently attend a weekly KRUSH group in their school, led by a total of 6 educators. Three additional pilot groups will begin this spring at Elkhorn Elementary, Second Street/Frankfort Middle, and Frankfort High School. 6+ staff are ready to begin those programs.

This group of 12 educators met in February to begin planning a combined summer camp, in July. We anticipate 60+ students attending this 5-day camp, at Franklin County High School. Students will be divided into small groups and rotate through "centers" of therapeutic activities including: therapy dogs, horses, art, music, athletics, journaling, mindfulness/yoga, petting zoo, motivational speakers, and other planned programming.

Our request for KRUSH expansion is two-fold: (1) We are requesting funding to train educators state-wide. (2) We are requesting funding for our inaugural summer KRUSH camp in Frankfort/Franklin County.

Children and youth who are impacted by incarceration are: more likely to drop out of school; experience mental health issues; experience trauma/abuse/neglect; at-risk for becoming an offender themselves; the list unfortunately goes on- Kentucky has the second highest incarceration rate in the country accounting for our astronomical number of children in relative placements and out of home care, (foster care). Kentucky also has the second highest number of women incarcerated- 3 out of every 5 state inmates are parents- 145,000 Kentucky children! How can we NOT respond to this need and equip our educators to address an issue that directly impacts students' ability to learn in school?

In Frankfort/Franklin County, WJRF received 285 referrals during 2019. We now have software in place, (effective January 2020), that allows us to run all kinds of data on the children we serve. For 2019, the majority of our referrals were received from Franklin County Regional Jail. We also received referrals from the schools; Department of Community Based Services; and directly from parents/caregivers. We now have an online referral form, on our website, which connects to our software database. In 2019, less than 15 child and youth referrals were from outside of Frankfort/Franklin County. 285 Frankfort kids!!! We have a lot of work to do- I'm not sure that's even 50% of our target population.

WJRF needs the financial resources to be able to take KRUSH state-wide and adequately address the issue in our home county.

2. Attach your Project Budget.


3. Provide a narrative that clearly defines how Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation funds will be used and accounted for in relation to the Narrative above. Provide the start dates and timelines for tasks.

Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation utilizes the Aplos accounting software system. Our board treasurer will provide a report of grant expenditures during our monthly board meetings. A board designee will maintain a requisition form for each of the 10 trainings. This form will provide a detailed account of each training including: the number of people trained; where and when the training occurred; cost of travel; etc. Trainings will begin April 2020. 10 trainings across the state will occur by May 2021.

WJRF summer KRUSH camp will occur the week of July 13, 2020, at Franklin County High School. T-shirts and backpacks will be ordered no later by June 2020. Stipends will be paid to educators the last day of camp, July 17, 2020.


4. Describe your agency’s service area with regard to population, cultural, racial and ethnic makeup.

Our KRUSH training will reach statewide. As president of WJRF, (and a former FRYSC coordinator), I have contacts to all Family Resource and Youth Services Center regional supervisors as well as 19 counties served by Cinderella's Closet. I intend to regionalize KRUSH trainings, across the state.

Incarceration does not discriminate- it touches all walks of life- all cultures, races, and ethnicities.

WJRF will be able to provide a report of our service area. We will be able to directly report from our data system. We can also provide pre and post training surveys to educators to gather data about the students in their district.

5. Indicate total number of paid staff and total number of volunteers.

WJRF has zero paid staff. We have one Americorps VISTA. We have 100+ volunteers.

6. List the goals and objectives of your agency.

The mission of the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation is to serve children and youth impacted by incarceration.


We provide financial support and resources for the school-based K-12th grade KRUSH (Kids Rising Up through Support and Healing) groups in Frankfort and Franklin County. We partner with KRUSH LLC to provide training for educators.
We offer the Adam Hyatt Memorial Scholarship for graduating seniors.
Our volunteer high school outreach team assists students with college and career planning, field trips, and more.

Second Thursdays monthly support group for parents and caregivers of children.
We support visitation with incarcerated parents through partnerships with Franklin County Regional Jail and GTL video communication.
We host large and small group events for children and families, including quarterly birthday celebrations during our Family Fellowship program.
We provide bi-monthly small group programming at The Kings Center.

We offer one-on-one mentoring through Amachi, a national program specifically designed for children with incarcerated parents.
We support Operation Making a Change, a program for youth at risk of being involved in the juvenile justice system.
We provide re-entry support for families.


In protecting children and youth from experiencing ongoing disadvantages due to the incarceration of their family members.
In providing inspiration, encouragement, and support to each child and youth we encounter.
In the power of redemption, restoration, and resilience of children and families.
In providing a comfort zone for our children and youth to fully express themselves without fear of judgement.


7. Describe why this project is needed and how it implements the purpose of the Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation.

145,000 Kentucky children are directly impacted by incarceration. Given those numbers, how can we not address the issue?

8. How did you identify the need that is addressed by the proposed project?

Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation began three pilot school based KRUSH groups in October 2019. 51 students regularly attend a weekly meeting. The need is dire. We intend to assist with the implementation of a KRUSH group in every Frankfort and Franklin County school. We believe elementary students who attend KRUSH will be better prepared for middle school; middle school students who attend KRUSH will be better prepared for high school; high school students who attend KRUSH will be better prepared for adult life. We are excited about the future- We believe our elementary students who attend KRUSH currently, will attend KRUSH for the next 7+ years. How awesome that will be to have socially/emotionally equipped young adults.

9. Does any other organization in your community serve this need?


10. If so, what distinguishes your agency’s services from others?

WJRF provides multi-layers of protective factors to the children and youth we serve. We have families who: attend a monthly caregiver support; participate in contact visitation; children receive a monthly book recording from their incarcerated parent; children/youth attend (are sponsored in) a positive extra-curricular activity; volunteers provide transportation for our children/youth to attend extra-curricular activities; our families get together to fellowship with each other (with our volunteers and their families); our youth at-risk of being involved in the criminal justice system attend a weekly support group; we are rolling out a mentoring program specifically for children of the incarcerated (we have two trained mentors currently)....we are just getting started in Frankfort. This is our home. This is our community. Our 24-member board is committed to serving our children and youth. We are FAMILY. We are COMMUNITY.


11. Describe how you will measure outcomes of this proposal.

KRUSH trainings- We will provide signature sheets of each training. The requisition form (per training) will account for all details of the training. Training participants, (educators), will complete a pre and post survey of the training.

KRUSH camp- We will provide a detailed summary of the number of participants and all the activities of the week.

12. After the grant funds are expended, describe how you will assure continuation of grant-funded services or equipment maintenance.

WJRF is holding our second annual gala fundraiser in June 2020. We also receive donations from individuals and businesses.


13. Attach your AGENCY BUDGET showing all financial resources.


14. What fees or charges are made by the organization for its services?

Zero to families.

WJRF has a contract with KRUSH, LLC that charges 5% fiscal agent fee per KRUSH training.

15. What percent of the organization’s budget is used for fund-raising?

Zero. Our gala is paid for through sponsorships.

16. What percent of the organization’s budget is used for administrative costs?


17. If applicant has received prior grants from the Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation, provide dates, amounts, purposes and outcomes.


18. Attach your IRS 501(c)(3) tax designation letter.


19. Attach your 990 or 990-PF federal tax return.


20. Attach any additional documents you wish to include with this application.
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Entry DateMarch 1, 2020